Material Wealth – Pat Thomas

A new Allen Ginsberg book coming out in the Fall (pub-date November 21, from powerHouse Books) –  Material Wealth – Mining The Personal Archive of Allen Ginsberg   

“There are hundreds of thousands of items carefully stored and archived at Stanford University’s Allen Ginsberg collection“, the publishers point out .”Counterculture historian Pat Thomas, with the full cooperation of the Allen Ginsberg Estate’s Peter Hale, has compiled and annotated a remarkable volume of material, unearthing in the process one astounding find after another. The result is a tome of previously unpublished historical paperwork and vintage graphics and photographs and ephemera that promises an unprecedented look inside one of the most prolific poets and agitators of cultural mores of the 20th century”

and further note:

“A prolific poet, raconteur, activist, and thinker, Allen Ginsberg was also a prolific collector, meticulously saving letters, postcards, draft notes and manuscripts, photographs and snapshots, appearance bills and rally broadsheets, not only featuring him personally, but also his fellow poets, singers, lovers, writers, journey companions, friends, and agitators. Gathered here publicly for the first time is his personal archive of events and experiences documenting his life as a young man, breakaway poet, expansive spirit, curious intellectual traveler, and relentless enthusiast of the provocative and the profane”

A few sample pages of this exciting upcoming tome to whet your appetite:

“With an Introduction by Anne Waldman plus a previously unreleased “Howl” parody by Terry Southern and a surprise call from Henry Kissinger!”
and “a 32-page booklet of all previously unpublished Ginsberg, “First thoughts, best thoughts – notes to self: naked and authentic, October 1974 – January 1975” –   We can’t wait!

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