Holy Soul Jelly Roll Celebration -5 – Wichita Vortex Sutra Reading

Last week we featured the 1994 St Mark’s Poetry Project celebration of the release of the 4-CD set, Holy Soul Jelly Roll. Today we feature the highpoint of that evening, Allen’s reading, accomplished by a stellar group of musicians, of “Wichita Vortex Sutra” in its entirety.

The reading can be listened to here

Hal Willner, the genius behind the project begins by introducing the performers

HW: I just want to introduce everybody in order..
AG: Hal Willner.
HW: Thank you.  I just want to introduce everybody up here in the order that they’ll be playing in (we’ll be switching a bit). So on trombone, didgeridoo and recorder is Art Baron, Stephan Said on violin, Arto Lindsay on guitar, Marc Ribot on guitar, back in the country, Michael Blair on percussion, Elliott Sharp on double-neck guitar bass,  Lenny Kaye on guitar, David Mansfield, violin..mandolin, sorry,  Lee Ranaldo on guitar, and Steve Shelley drums, Philip Glass on piano,  Christian Marclay on turntables.  Lenny.. Lenny.. oh,.put you on the side, that’s on contrabass and clarinet, Lenny Pickett

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