Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 608

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco, 1991 – photo taken with Allen’s camera – courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Birthday today – We celebrated his paintings a few months back. There is also his photography. From Aug 9th to Sept 14th, 2019, The Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco exhibited some fifty photos (along with other artifacts)

“When we arrived in Normandy, June,1944” – photo by  Lawrence Ferlinghetti  (Dawn,
D-Day, June 1944)

See our numerous previous Lawrence Ferlinghetti Birthday celebrations – here, here, here,
– and more.

and (more Beat birthdays!), it’s Gregory Corsos birthday this weekend (Sunday) – Steven Taylor on Gregory was the first of the series “Beat Meetings” on Simon Warner’s Rock and the Beat Generation,  (Steve Turner on Herbert Huncke is the second one – see here)

Jack Kerouac‘s new book, a quotations book (we announced it here last week ), Truth and Beautiful Meaningful Lies  is out this Summer (July 11th) – More about it – here

David Cope, one half of The Correspondence of David Cope and Allen Ginsberg  is interviewed by Chris Funkhouser – that conversation can be listened to here

Beatdom #23 (the Environment issue) will be ready soon –  in May – Among the contents – Jonas Faust – “Nature, the Self, and its Redemption in the Pastoral Poems of Allen Ginsberg” and Alexandre Ferrere – “A Derridian Exploration into Allen Ginsberg’s Archive(s)”
For a full list of contents – see here

Next Tuesday at Harvard’s Houghton Library, Brian Cassidy, rare book dealer and co-founder of Type Punch Matrix, will give the Spring 2023 Philip and Frances Hofer Lecture on the Art of the Book on “the true story behind the publication history of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.”

Nanao Sakaki Centennial – We draw your attention (as we did earlier in the year) to Nanao Global  – Upcoming – en français –  extraits de Comment vista sur la Planète Terre (How To Live On The Planet Earth)  – translations by Danièle Faugeras – from Toulouse-based Po&Psi

& last week Jerry Cimino‘s remarkable Beat Museum in North Beach, San Francisco, celebrated its 20th anniversary!  Jerry answers questions and fields comments in a lively
Q & A session – here

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