Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 607

Coming soon from French publishers  La Boîte à Bulles,  Au crépuscule de la Beat Generation – Le Dernier clochard céleste un album de bandes dessinéés ( a comic book) by graphic artist Etienne Appert,  based on two books from poet and author Gilles Farcet La joie qui advance chancel ante le long de la rue and the earlier Allen Ginsberg, poète et bodhisattva Beat
More on that anon.

A note on Beat and poetry comics (comix) –  here    (tip of the hat to Eric Drooker)

– and see also here

and to Nathan Gelgud

This week a mix and miscellany:

March 17 – St.Patrick’s Day – We’ll remind you of this posting

Meanwhile, in São Paulo – memories of Claudio Willer – and a showing of this movie 

Did we forget to note this new book on William Burroughs? – Oliver  Harris, the pre-eminent Burroughs scholar’s most recent offering from Moloko Print (bilingual – English-German) – Making Naked Lunch – Two Appetisers.

& check out also his other Moloko titles – here – and here – and here and here – and here

The eternally-youthful  Gerard Malanga turns 80 on Monday, and will be interviewed next Wednesday (March the 22nd) by poet Vincent Katz, as part of an evening of reminiscence and celebration in New York at the St Mark’s Poetry Project

ruth weiss – ruth weiss – One More Step West Is The Sea, Thomas Antonics documentary,  will receive its U.S. premiere at San Francisco’s  Roxie Theater, March 26th. More information – here

Tuesday March 28 is the pub date (mark your calendars) for Stevan Weine’s Best Minds

Simon Warner’s Rock and The Beat Generation Substack (which we’ve cited consistently on this platform) continues to inform and engage – this week Jim Cohn and Brian Hassett, both devoted Beat aficionados and both with plenty to say.

Michael Minzer‘s Paris Records  announce that Allen’s recording The Lion For Real is in production for a re-issue on the Shimmy Disc label. The new version will include many out-takes with new music composed and produced by legendary guitarist and producer (Mark) Kramer.

and this week, Allen’s “Howl” was the answer to the question in Jeopardy!,  the popular (US) tv quiz show:

The book in question? – Jason Schinder’s still-invaluable collection of essays and appreciations.   See his own contribution to that informative and eclectic gathering – here

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