Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 500

500! -500 Weekly Round-ups! – We guess we have to take the champagne out. Well, we hope there’ll be at least five hundred more.

Here’s the very first Friday Round-Up from back in November 12, 2010


Well, we’ve talked about it in the past and many people are these days talking about it – AI

David S Wills playful excursion into AI on Beatdom this week is very much worth a read


and we mentioned before Charles Shuttleworth’s thesis about Jack Kerouac’s clinical depression. Shuttleworth, in response to Steven Taylor‘s response, continues the conversation on Simon Warner‘s Rock and The Beat Generation Substack – here

Get The Money!, Ted Berrigan‘s wonderful Collected Prose – Pat Nolan continues that conversation with a spirited review of the book – here
Patrick James Dunagan also reviews the book – here

And Anne Waldman’s Bard, Kinetic is also further spotlit. Lindsey Scharold interviews her for the New School’s  Public Seminar“I Think of It As A Diary” (as Anne explains)
and there’s a further excerpt – here

and Alex Trocchi, (the sadly forgotten Alex Trocchi). For those of you who read French, Christophe Bourseiller‘s new book, Dossier Trocchi –  L’Homme qui voulait faire de sa vie une oeuvre d’art  (Dossier Trocchi – The Man Who Made of His Life a Work of Art), is a valuable attempt at placing him and reviving his reputation.
We hope to see an English translation before too long.


    • Regrettably, Barbara, you can’t – it’s an on-going part of our regular blog – The Allen Ginsberg Project

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