American Beat (Ginsberg-DiPrima-Burroughs)

Here’s one, an old one but a recent discovery, a radio-program from the 1970’s, produced by Naropa,  “American Beat”, featuring readings by Allen, Diane di Prima and William Burroughs

Listen to it in its entirety – here 

It features also Anne Waldman‘s introduction, a loving litany to Allen:

“Allen Ginsberg – diamond-tongued warrior and statesman, Allen Ginsberg – international jet-age poet, flying off to antic Rome, Allen Ginsberg – queer poet journeying behind the stern Iron Curtain, Allen Ginsberg – local, Bermuda-d, bicycling, Blake prof, Allen Ginsberg – harmonium-hand, Allen Ginsberg – Sapphic mouth-harper or Whitmanesque fusillade-head, Allen Ginsberg – smiles at troubles, Allen Ginsberg – fights headaches, meditating, Allen Ginsberg – answering mail, head bowed at desk, through icy Mapleton Street window, Allen Ginsberg “abjures rough magic” (you seen his white box?) – Allen Ginsberg – crashing tiny cymbals, Allen Ginsberg – chanting a triple spondee – Sweet Daddy kindly Ginsberg in my heart”
[Editorial note – Anne also introduces Allen with this loving litany here]

Allen then reads “Las Vegas – Verses Improvised for El Dorado H.S. Newspaper” – Las Vegas to Nevada (gambling with language) –  (“Aztec sandstone water-holes known by Moapa’ve/dried out under the baccarat pits…”…”… because they don’t know how to gamble/ like mustangs and desert lizards”)

Announcer then announces Diane di Prima  – (who reads from “The Wyoming Poems”)- ( “The woman was hunting/ she thought she was hunting rocks/ She searched out crevices in the butte for lizards…”)

Announcer then announces (and the program concludes with)  William Burroughs, who reads his classic 1968 Esquire piece,  “The Coming of the Purple Better One” – (“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my coveted privilege and deep honour to introduce to you the distinguished senator and former Justice of the Supreme Court, Homer Mandrill, known to his friends as The Purple Better One…”)

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