Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 493

Tomorrow the 10th of December, don’t miss, a free on-line screening of Lyn Blumenthal and Kate Horsefield’s rarely-screened 1988 filmed interview with Allen, part of an on-going and exciting program of streaming video from The Arab Media Lab – Tangier Interzone (2) . For a full list of their programming (through to the 19th of December) – see here

Speaking of interviews, John P O’Grady just recently published “Living Landscape“, a “lost” (and now happily re-discovered) 1997 interview he made with poet, Gary Snyder – “Snyder is one of our culture’s venerable teachers”, he notes.  The sub­ject of their discussion” (a wide-ranging one) was “the influence the American West and its literature has had on him and on his work”

From the interview:

JO’G: In Earth House Hold, you included your journal from a 1965 ascent of Glacier Peak with Allen Ginsberg. Was that the only mountain Allen has ever climbed?

GS: The only snow peak that we had to rope up on, I’m sure! (laughs) He had done trail hikes, you know, up to mountains, but no, that’s the only time he put on crampons and ropes and things…

Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder at Glacier Peak, Summer 1965 – photo by Martine Algier taken with Allen’s camera – (c) The Estate of Allen Ginsberg

Mumbai (Bombay) and San Francisco – Saranya Subramanian writes for LitHub on the Beat connection and Beat inspiration of the two cities.

Jerry Cimino of The Beat Museum interviews Kerouac Estate honcho, Jim Sampas on the proposed new Kerouac Center in Lowell (Jack’s birthplace)

The New York Times ran a (not-too-difficult) Beats Quiz in its book-review section this past Sunday
and, speaking of the Times, don’t miss Alex Williams’ obituary notice of Bernadette Mayer (also appearing in the Times last week)

William B Rand‘s recollections of Rene Ricard – have we mentioned this before? – see here, here and here

& it’s Eileen Myles  (73rd) birthday today  – Happy Birthday Eileen!

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  1. thanks much, messieurs et mesdames, as we bland Midwesterners say. I’m already on the Road to Morocco with Bob Hope, Der Bingle, Dottie Lamour, Old Bull Burrroughs & Brion Gysin for some spontaneous bop prosody.

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