Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 596

Allen Ginsberg – Boulder, Colorado, June, 1982 – photo by Wayne Slater

December 30 – Round-Up 496 – The Last Round-Up of the year. Looking back on a year of posts here on The Allen Ginsberg Project, here’s a few highlights:

January – Michael Stipe, John Wieners and Magic, Howlin’ Wolf, Lead Belly, Alan Ansen Centennial, Philip Glass’ 85th Birthday

February – Bob Rosenthal on the Magic of Allen Ginsberg. James Grauerholz on William Burroughs, Kay McDonough on Gregory Corso

March – Pasolini Centennial, Kerouac Centennial, Francesco Clemente’s BirthdayLawrence Ferlinghetti’s Birthday, Gregory Corso’s Birthday, Steven Taylor on William Blake

April – Mark Olmsted on Chogyam Trungpa, Allen Ginsberg Planet News Memorial, Remembering Hal Willner, Barbara Rubin’s Allen For Allen, Iggy Pop at 75, Allen Ginsberg 1993 Oslo Interview

May – Bernadette Mayer, Bob Dylan in Tulsa, Harry Smith, Peter Orlovsky, Walt Whitman

June – Allen Ginsberg on Meeting The Beatles, Allen Ginsberg’s Birthday, Laurie Anderson at 75, Bob Rosenthal on Ginsberg and Cherry Valley, W.B.Yeats, June Jordan, Proust and Kerouac, Gay Pride, Burroughs’ Books, Neeli Cherkovski

July – Mexico City Blues, Kenward Elmslie, Joe Brainard & Kenward Elmslie. Gus Van Sant

August – Shelley/Satchmo, Charlie Parker Interviewed, Harold Chapman, Charles Reznikoff

September – On The Death of Joan Burroughs, Moondog (& Reich & Weir), Ted Berrigan,  Ted & Allen, William Carlos Williams

October – Amiri Baraka on Allen Ginsberg, Thelonious Monk, Jacob Rabinowitz on Allen Ginsberg and The Heart Sutra, Arthur Rimbaud, Edith Ginsberg,  Ezra Pound & James Laughlin

November – Ezra Pound 50 Years On, Naropa Archives, Alice Notley, Joe Brainard, Dick GallupKurt Vonnegut Centennial, William Blake’s Birthday, Kathy Acker

December – Vachel Lindsay,  Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac’s Vanity of Duluoz, Mark Van Doren, Grace Paley Centennial, Allen Ginsberg at Canton High School, Jonas Mekas Centennial

and today is the birthday (76th birthday) of the great Patti Smith – Happy Birthday, Patti!

Patti Smith, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Feb 17, 1995

and also the anniversary of the birth of the remarkable author and composer Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles, New York  September 19, 1995

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