Harry Smith

Harry Smith (1923-1991) – photo via Eric (Flckr)

Legendary polymath, Harry Smith died on this day, 1991. On Tuesday, Semiotexte will be releasing a revised and  expanded version of Paola Igliori‘s classic anthology  American Magus

“Five years after Smith’s death, the poet Paola Igliori began conducting intimate interviews with the filmmakers, musicians, poets, and artists who knew him best. The result, American Magus Harry Smith, offers a privileged look not only into Smith’s life and artistic practice, but also into his era and the informal economy of influence that operated during that time. It provides invaluable insight into the mind of one of the twentieth century’s most enigmatic polymaths. This expanded edition includes photos of Smith and many other color images.”

2023 marks the Centennial of Harry Smith – Harry at a Hundred! – Look out for all manner of upcoming celebrations.


  1. A simple query since I keep reading the press blurb, as here. How does this edition expand on the Inanout Press edition of 1996?

    I interviewed a number of notables within Harry Smith’s orbit around the time of Smithsonian Folkways CD reissue of Anthology of American Folk Music in 1997.

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