Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 488

Viewers at the Alex Katz exhibition in New York’s Guggenheim Museum – photo by Peter Hale

Allen Ginsberg in the Guggenheim.  Well, actually it’s the Alex Katz show, the retrospectivethat opened last week at the Guggenheim, New York and featured a number of fragmented Allens.

Here’s a (not-in-the-show) un-fragmented Allen

Alex Katz – Allen Ginsberg 1 [study], 1985. Oil on board. 20 x 16 inches

Ai Weiwei –  here’s a teaser peak at Ai Weiwei’s take on Allen’s classic Hum Bom!  with music by O_Future,  a collaboration in support of PEN America in advance of Volume II of our The Fall of America Tribute album scheduled for release next year, June 3 2023).

And speaking of The Fall of America Tribute, the vinyl version of Volume 1 is now available, very much in stock.  And it’s Bandcamp Friday, which means all proceeds go directly to the artist, (in our case, since it’s a benefit, they go to PEN and the all-important
Head on over to our Ginsberg Bandcamp page for further details.

& continuing with Kerouac

Brian Hassett writes us with info on his “Jack on Film” show presented at Lowell Celebrates Kerouac a few weeks back –
“”It has every portrayal ever of Kerouac on the big or small screen.  With the shorter form examples (SNL, Quantum Leap, etc.), I show the entire clip.  For the movies I pick a best-of scene or two.. The live-stream video isn’t the greatest [er.. something of an understatement!]  due to last-minute technical difficulties. The first few minutes are missing, but everything from The Subterraneans to Beat Angel star Vincent Balestri Zooming in live to climax the show is there – and everything is time-coded in the description so viewers can jump to any show/movie.”

Kerouac in Holland.  We noted a few weeks back the Dutch celebration, Jack Kerouac at 100 – The Beats in Ruigoord 

Beat scholar and one of that conference’s primary presenters, Jaap Van Der Bent is interviewed by Simon Warner here

Saturday week – Saturday Nov 12 – in San Francisco at The Beat Museum Charles Shuttleworth will be presenting an evening celebrating the upcoming publication (pub date is November the 8th) of Desolation Peak – Selected Writings 

& Monday week – Monday Nov 14, 6-7 (EST)  – sign up hereThe Library of America will be presenting a Kerouac Centennial event featuring editor Todd Tietchen and scholar-translator,  Jean-Christophe Cloutier, authors of The Unknown Kerouac – Rare, Unpublished & Newly Translated Writings 
Is the all-American Jack Kerouac best understood as an immigrant writer?  Tietchen and Cloutier ponder this and participate in a lively discussion about Kerouac’s French-Canadian roots.
Actor Bill Heck reads selections from the writings.

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