On Mexico City Blues – (29th Chorus)

Stanley Gould (1926-1985)   –   (photo by “Eric’ on Fllckr)

Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac’s  Mexico City Blues continues from here

29th Chorus

AG: – “Man, now, you wont let me talk”- (I think that’s Stanley Gould talking, an old time New York hipster).
[Editorial note – Gould, a friend of Kerouac’s, was the inspiration for Anatole Broyard‘s essay “A Portrait of the Hipster” published in 1948 in the Partisan Review]

“Man, now, you wont let me talk”/Gripes the irreligious feline cat -/  That cat has no trumpet/ But bubblegum to blow on/  Poor sad Bhikku of the Forest/

Of poor, lost little Nino” – (Nino was his cat who died or got lost, in North Carolina, got lost “In Calles of Forever” – (Streets of Forever – Mexican, Spanish)

“In Calles of Forever,/ Streets of Old Burma,/Be saved secret wretched/Urchin brother hero/ You are protected/By the Guardians/of/the/Alone/  All is alone, you dont have to talk/ One Light, One Transcendental Ecstasy/ If they dont understand that/In the South, it’s because/All the Baptists/Have not been to Shool” – (“Shool” is the Hebrew “Shul”, the Saturday School – the Shul – in the synagogue, where the young kids go to learn how to read Hebrew and read the Bible and read the Old Testament).

“If they dont understand that/In the South, it’s because/ All the Baptists/Have not been to Shool” – (It’s a pretty funny apposition of Jews and the rednecks – the Baptist redneck Moral Majority. The rednecks haven’t “been to Shool” – they haven’t had that old ancient Hebrew Gnostic European wisdom that had prophets and starlight and fields of ecstasy and actual burning bushes – they hadn’t been to shul.  And if the people down south don’t understand, that’s because the redneck materialists down south don’t understand that everything is alone, that they’re going to die alone on their deathbed and the alone is the alone with the alone, everybody is alone and lives alone and dies alone ultimately – even if married and (with) millions of children, you still can’t take it with you – so in that sense alone.  “If they dont understand that/In the South”, it’s because they haven’t been to the Old Testament.

Audio for the above can be heard here,  beginning at approximately forty-one minutes in and continuing until approximately forty-three minutes in  

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