Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 581

Carolyn Cassady’s painting of the young Allen Ginsberg (with William Blake’s “The Ancient of Days”) (1991)

A brief miscellany:

“Suburban Swansong” – Simon Warner recalls his 2012 visit to the English home of Neal Cassady‘s widow, Carolyn Cassady – see here

Jerry Cimino of The Beat Museum (currently on tour) is interviewed – see here

David Amram, the indefatigable David Amram, is profiled – here

David Amram remembers Jack Kerouac

Kerouac and Cassady scat-singing – (one of the many treasures in the Ginsberg Stanford archives)

Another priceless gem from the archives – here 


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  1. Does anyone remember seeing a large painting of a bearded Allen pictured in overalls while he was standing in a tomato garden, with a younger Allen on a staircase in the background? It was done in 1982, during his late tenure at Naropa. I’d love to have a photo of it.

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