Charlie Parker Interviewed

It’s Bird‘s birthday today – Charlie Parker – Celebrating the occasion with the extraordinary 1954 interview in Boston on radio station WHDH with “John McClellan” (aka John Townsend Fitch)  (featuring priceless interaction with Paul Desmond)

Here‘s an earlier (1953) McClellan-Parker interview

Heres a telephone-interview made the year before with WOV radio personality Leigh Kamman.  (6-year-old Kim answers the phone – “Hello, is this the Charlie Parker residence?  – may I speak with your Daddy?”)

Here‘s, from 1950, Charlie Parker interviewed by Marshall Stearns and John Maher.  (Bird’s wife, Chan Parker is also present).

Here’s Leonard Feather’s 1948 Charlie Parker “Blindfold Test”

Happy Birthday Charlie Parker!

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