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‘Allen Ginsberg, posing in his 12th Street New York City kitchen, 1995 – photo: Dana Lixenberg

Dana Lixenberg‘s portrait of Allen is currently on show as part of an exhibition, organized by the GRIMM Gallery, Polaroid 54/59/79, at the Huis Marseilles Museum of Photography, Amsterdam (up until September 4)


Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1998)

Birthday boy – Guillaume Apollinaire – We draw your attention to previous birthday postings on The Allen Ginsberg Project on the great French poet  – here, here, here and here

Here‘s Allen reading in 1959 at the Library of Congress (music overlay by (Mark) Kramer)
– “At Apollinaire’s Grave”

and check out also  Stuart Anthony and Larry Beckett’s 2022 version of Mirabeau Bridge
(“Le Pont Mirabeau”)

Here’s Apollinaire himself reading “Le Pont Mirabeau”

& listen to Apollinaire (recorded 1913!)  reading from his poetryhere


Hot news from the Jack Kerouac Estate – the establishment (in collaboration with Rare Bird Publishing House) of Sal Paradise Press and their first new (posthumous) volume – Desolation Peak (edited by Charles Shuttleworth).

A little bit of background on the book:

During the summer of 1956, Kerouac spent two months (63 days) working for the US Forest Service as a fire look-out (and solitary contemplative) at Desolation Peak in the Cascade Mountains.
Bringing along with him only a copy of the Diamond Sutra, his sole reading-matter, 
he anticipated spending the time in profound meditation “on emptiness of self, other selves, living beings, and universal self”. In letters to friends at the time, he proclaimed,  “Something will happen to me on Desolation Peak…I can feel it.”

​Readers will be familiar with the vivid description of this experience that forms the climax of his classic, The Dharma BumsHe also depicted it in part one of Desolation Angels and in a chapter in Lonesome Traveler.
None of these versions, however, was able to offer us the complete picture,  until now.

“The highlight of Desolation Peak”, the publishers contend, “is the journal he kept, starkly revealing the depth of his poverty, the extremity of his mood swings, and the ongoing arguments with himself over the future direction of his life, his writing, and faith. Along with the journal, he worked on a series of projects, including “Ozone Park,” another installment of the Duluoz Legend beginning in 1943, after his discharge from the Navy, “The Martin Family,” an intended sequel to The Town and the City, and “Desolation Adventure,” a series of sketches that formed the basis of the Desolation Angels text.”

Also included in the book are poems ( “Desolation Blues” and “Desolation Pops”) and assorted prose sketches and dreams, as well as “The Diamondcutter of Perfect Knowing,” his “transliteration” of the Diamond Sutra.

Publishing date is November 8 – books can be pre-ordered here 

Speaking of orders and pre-orders – those of you waiting for a vinyl copy of The Fall of America Tribute album (initially scheduled to appear on Allen’s birthday) need wait no more. The record officially ships today to all US record stores and is also available via the bandcamp page – here

Lucien Carr Yesterday was a tragic anniversary

Basil Bunting –  Basil Bunting’s Letters have  been, or are about to be, published in England – see here


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  1. Apollinaire video music by Mark Kramer of Shimmy Disc records- this track may be heard on Kramer’s Words And Music: Book One.

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