Allen Ginsberg’s Birthday

Allen at the Falls in Paterson, New Jersey April 1989, camera probably in the hands of his stepmother Edith – photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Allen Ginsberg‘s birthday today – 96 (2022) – so we’re looking at 2026 for the Centennial

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Here’s Allen’s wonderful words of advice – we leave you with Allen’s wonderful words of advice – (from the end of the Martin Scorsese Rolling Thunder movie):

“You, who saw it all, or who saw flashes and fragments, take from us some example, try and get yourselves together, clean up your act, find your community, pick up on some kind of redemption of your own consciousness, become mindful of your own friends, your own work, your own proper meditation, your own art, your own beauty, go out and make it for your own eternity.”

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