Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 467

Two new editions of Allen in Greek translation from Yannis Livadas.  The one on the left is a selected poems, the one on the right, a stand-alone Howl.

Two weeks since our last “Round Up”. We missed last week on account of Allen’s birthday. So.. catching up ..

Allison McNearny in The Daily Beast –   “Allen Ginsberg’s Howl Shows Why Book Bans Are So Futile” – deftly summarizes the Howl trial and calls attention to the continuing growing censorship in the United States – Read the disturbing and informative PEN report -here

Allen Ginsberg in England.  The wonderful Woodberry Poetry Room has this exciting announcement:

and more Ginsberg in England   Roger Bygott. on the 1965 London Royal Albert Hall Poetry Incarnation 

and. while waiting on Woodberry, do check out these important recordings


David S Wills who last graced these pages with an in-depth examination of the relationship between Allen and Hunter S. Thompson, follows up with an equally riveting examination of the “crossing paths” of Allen and Richard Brautigan (“a somewhat friendly yet occasionally antagonistic acquaintanceship”, he writes) – Don’t miss this fascinating deep dive in Beatdom – 

Charles Upton in an erudite and challenging essay on “The Metaphysical Dilemma of Lew Welch 

Jerry Cimino at The Beat Museum on Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s paintings 

Patti Smith in Amsterdam last week (in advance of Pentecost!) reads Allen Ginsberg “Footnote to Howl”. “Holy Holy Holy…”

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