Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 560

We’re a bit late on this but wanted to alert you all to this initiative from the Dutch ooteete:

“We ask artists from all over the world to pick a fragment from “Howl” and create an artwork based on that fragment. We publish the quotation plus corresponding artwork on our website here,  roughly bi-weekly.”

Early days but some interesting interpretations so far. Check it out


Amy Winehouse‘s copy of “Howl” (scribbled in – were those song lyrics she was working on?) will be among the items on display next weekend (April 21-24) at the 62nd Annual New York International Antiquarian Book Fair – see here


Allen’s three-fish-with-one-head logo – Marc Olmsted writes on the topic for Sensitive Skin . See our earlier posting about that topic – here 

Marco Moretti in La Stampa – Ginsberg locations (you may recall his recent Kerouac locations) – see here


Another Kerouac biography? – well, why not – Brad Parker’s  Kerouac – The Man and his Visions – Volume 1 of a projected two-volume biography is just out.

Ted Berrigan on Jack Kerouac – see here, here, and here

– and thrilled to be able to announce Get The Money! – Collected Prose (1961-1983)  by Ted Berrigan, forthcoming from City Lights

We mentioned this title before –  Thomas Antonic‘s  Among Nazi’s – William S Burroughs in Vienna 1936-37David Holzer interviews Antonic for the European Beat Studies Network in an illuminating interview – here

“The Beat Goes On” – (oh no, not that one again!)  – Harvard University spotlights Harvard’s Houghton Library Burroughs collection – here

Gregory Corso celebrated this past Wednesday on The Brooklyn Rail 

Oh, and the Allen Ginsberg (New York) office is moving and a number of items are going up for sale, Allen’s old desk, for instance (seen here with a bunch of items on top of it, which regrettably are not for sale).  Any interest? Any offers? – You’ll need to pick it up and transport it –  contact us, if you’re interested, at info at allenginsberg dot org


“The Beat Goes On” – ha! – More next week

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