Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 556

Kerouac Centennial – the celebrations continue. In Lowell, Massachusetts, Jack’s home-town, the banners (see above) fly proudly all over.  For the full listing of Lowell’s ongoing celebrations see here

We noted here the ambivalence about Jack and the absolute need to transcend it.
David Barnett cogently makes the point in The Observer

and the Kerouac panel – “Does Jack Kerouac Still Matter?  (out of Washington DC) – is now up in its entirety and available for viewing on You Tube

More recent  Kerouac articles:

Malcolm ForbesOn and off the road in The Critic
Randy RosenthalKerouac at 100  in The American Scholar
David L. Ulin – in Alta Journal –  Safe in Heaven Dead
James Parker – The Story of Jack and Neal in The Atlantic…

No shortage of ink (and there’ll be no shortage of ink this Kerouac Centennial)


Next Wednesday (March 23rd), don’t miss it!  – The Blake Society is hosting a Zoom event with  Steven Taylor –  “Blake’s Tyger and the Lion of Dharma” – 8-9:30 PM (UK time – 4-5.30 PM EST) All welcome, register here

Simon Warner continues his series – “Rock and The Beat Generation – Beat Soundtracks” on his eminently-readable Substack –  Latest episodes. Sharon Mesmer and Kurt Hemmer

A teacher muses on teaching and teaching the Beat Generation in Nepal

& here’s something bizarre  – a Polish ASMR reading of Kaddish!

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