Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 554

Big announcement. A big on-line Allen Ginsberg photography show.  We’ve been developing it for some time now with Photology, out of Bologna, Italy and Noto, Sicily – and now, we’re pleased to say, it’s finally here!

and not just click and have a glimpse of old familiar images, this is a whole other level, As with our recent Gelek Rimpoche show, it’s now possible to experience the gallery visit, to have a virtual tour, to inhabit the simulacrum. As Photology explain, the 3D platform provides “a system of navigation that permits users to navigate within a virtual space that is totally realistic.” You are in the gallery.  “The exhibited works can be enlarged, looked at in detail and viewed from various angles”. Text and ancillary information are also fully integrated into the experience.

Check it out!   – here 

Jack Kerouac – photo by Walter Lehrman – courtesy the Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library and the Jack Kerouac Estate

More Kerouac – It’s the Centennial month – a little over one week to go.  So today’s “from the archives” is a special one – Allen’s workshop at the 1982 Naropa Kerouac Conference – here, here and here


Jonah Raskin addresses Kerouac’s politics – “It’s Kerouac Time Again – Jack Meets Joe McCarthy” –here 

more on the Irsay bash – Kerouac celebrated next week in LA

Visions of Jack Kerouac -New York Public Library will be celebrating the Centennial – details here 

Jack Kerouac’s Florida house is having an open house on the 12th

City Lights is having (on the 10th) a virtual event – “Still Outside” (Still Outside?)  with talks by  Ann Charters, Jean-Christophe Cloutier, Ann Douglas, Joyce Johnson & others


and we mentioned it a few weeks back also – but here’s more –   Cathy Cassady (Neal’s daughter)’s  memories of her 2016 trip to San Miguel de Allende

Travelers tales  – Ravi Dass (Ron Zimardi) has travelers tales (and a pivotal role is played by Allen Ginsberg). Read Part IV of The Sacred Wanderer  – “The Allen Ginsberg Connection – The “Famous Knapsack” – here

And, regarding another great traveler – Allan Graubard speaks on Ira Cohen 


Beat Generation and fashion – Sophie Wilson has an interesting piece up this week on Literary Hub, on “the Co-opting of a Counterculture” – “How the Beat Generation Created The Uniform for Disaffected Youth” – Beat style – “In the era of fast fashion and tech billionaires, the anti-establishment energy of the Beats”, she writes, “feels as urgent today as it did then…the style of the Beat Generation clearly lives on, whether at university campuses and late-night cafes or the Dior runway”.

Pasolini Centennial tomorrow – stay tuned (come back to us tomorrow) for that one.

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