Ginsberg on Blake continues – 104 

“The root was black, while the flower was as white as milk; the gods call it Moly, Dangerous for a mortal man to pluck from the soil, but not for the deathless gods. All lies within their power” (Homer)

Allen Ginsberg’s 1979 Naropa class on William Blake’s The Four Zoas continues from here

AG:   “Tho they each morning drag the unwilling Sun out of the deep/Could uproot the infernal chain. for it had taken root/ Into the iron rock & grew a chain beneath the Earth/ Even to the Center wrapping round the Center & the limbs Of Orc entering with fibres. became one with him a living chain/Sustained by the Demons life” – (“Demons life.”  The Demon there is Orc, again) – “..Despair & Terror & Woe & Rage/Inwrap the Parents in cold clouds as they bend howling over/The terrible boy till fainting by his side the Parents fell/Not long they lay Urthonas spectre found herbs of the pit” – ( That’s pretty funny.  I wonder what herbs those were?  Is that anything from the Bible? – “herbs”? from the pit?)

Student:  Yeah.
Student (2):  Sounds like Homer
AG:  Pardon me?
Student (2):  Sounds like Homer to me.
AG:  Yeah.  What was that phrase?
Student (2):  Moly?
AG:  Moly, yes.
Student (2):  Moly – (A) herb from the…
Student: (A) secret herb that restore…

AG (continues) : “Rubbing their temples he reviv’d them. all their…” – (Now here’s a pretty piece by Blake here) – “.. all their lamentations..” – “”I write not here but all their after life was lamentation” – (I like that:  “all their lamentations/I write not here.”) – “When satiated with grief they returned to Golgonooza..”

But now something happens to Enitharmon – “Enitharmon on the road of Dranthon..” – (What’s that?  Well, it never appears again in Blake, apparently. It was a concept that he had that he was going to work on but he never quite got further, but St. Paul on the road to Damascus has a vision), so – “Enitharmon on the road of Dranthon felt the inmost gate/ Of her bright heart” – (that would be heart compassion) – “…the inmost gate/ Of her bright heart burst open & again close with a deadly pain/Within her heart Vala began to reanimate in bursting sobs/And when the Gate was open she beheld that dreary Deep/Where bright Ahania wept..”

So all the girls are getting it together, finally.  All the Emanations, all the feminine (counterparts), are finally wakening, because of the sorrow, of the pain of Orc.

Student:  It seems like it’s kind of.. (if they’d known in advance) they wouldn’t have to go through all this.

AG:  No.  Who knows in advance?….

Student:  It’s sort of like an orgasm she’s having there.

AG:  Yes.   – (continues reading) – “..She also saw the infernal roots/ Of the chain of Jealousy & felt the rendings of fierce  howling Orc/Rending the Caverns..” – (rending the skull) – “” a mighty wind pent in the Earth.”

Now, not only do the feminine energies awaken, but also Urizen – (that’s line nineteen).

“Urizen trembled where he lay to hear the howling terror” – (He hears the suffering of rebellious Orc)- “The rocks shook the Eternal bars tuggd to & fro were rifted/Outstretchd upon the stones of ice the ruins of his throne/Urizen shuddring heard his trembling limbs shook the strong caves

“The Woes of Urizen shut up in the deep dens of Urthona” – (the dens of the Imagination).

to be continued

Audio for there above can be heard here, beginning at approximately ninety-three minutes in and concluding at approximately ninety-six-and-a-quarter minutes in

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