Herbert Huncke

Herbert Huncke‘s birthday today. Born on January 9, 1915 in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
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Presenting for you today, “Canadian Money” – the master story-teller captured on film (courtesy our good friend Laki Vazakas (who extensively filmed Huncke, and who ventures to say that this here is “definitely the best example (that) I recorded of his storytelling”)


from Steven Hager’s High Times interview ( from back in 1990)

High Times: Allen Ginsberg?

Herbert Huncke:  This is going to be a little tough. I respect Allen and admire his works. I don’t always agree with his viewpoints. We disagree on almost everything. I always thought he was a bit deceptive in the way he presents himself. He can be evasive.

Oh, Herbert!


Raymond Foye‘s March 2021 article, “Remembering Herbert Huncke” (an earlier, slightly shorter version, appeared as an Introduction to 1997’s The Herbert Huncke Reader), a first-hand account from one who both knew and understood him, is, if you haven’t seen it already, a must-read.

Huncke was/ is, of course, unforgettable.

Happy Birthday, Herbert – 107 years on!

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