Ginsberg on Blake continues – 88

August 15, 1979 reading at Naropa – readings by William Burroughs Snr., William Burroughs Jr

Allen Ginsberg on 1979 class on William Blake continues (and concludes) from here

Student:  I’ve got an announcement.

AG:  Yeah.

Student:  Osel Tendzin, the Regent, is teaching a class on the Warrior of Shambhala and that class is open to the entire Naropa community Thursday, at 8 o’clock.

AG:  Yeah, he might be talking in very similar terms, actually.

Peter Orlovsky:  Allen?

AG:  It would be interesting to see if whatever is spoken of in that hall by the Buddhists (has) any relation to this Blakean scene.

Student:  Announcement for Saturday night at about 7:30, there’s an open reading at 400 Marine Street.  Everyone’s invited. Saturday night, 8PM.  Four Hundred Marine Street.

AG:  Now there’s going to be … tonight there’s a reading. William Burroughs, Jr., William Burroughs, Sr., and John Giorno will be reading (at) NISE, and then, after that, there’ll be a theatre-dance solo by Steve …
Student:  Steve Clorfeine.
AG:  … Clorfeine.“Blue Serge Suite”.  At … where is that? At Naropa Auditorium?
Student:  Yeah.
AG:  Where is that … 1111 Pearl?
Student:  Yeah.
AG:  And also there’s a big party Monday night, at ten p.m..
Student (2):  What time is the Burroughs reading scheduled for?
AG:  Scheduled I think (at) eight.  It says seven-thirty, but I think eight.

Student (3):  I’m not taking these for credit but I wanted to try and…
AG:  Yeah, that’s what I said.  Anybody that’s not taking it for credit is welcome to try.
Type it.

Student (2):  Where did you get the t-shirt?
Student: (3)  I don’t know.  He got it. (pointing to another Student)
AG (regarding Student (3)’s hand-written paper):  I don’t have an eyeball.  Go get a typewriter, please.  I’m going to have to read twenty to thirty books.  Otherwise it’s just torture.
Student (3):  But I’ve got an even better idea for a Blake t-shirt. A friend of mine and I are trying to get….
AG:  I’ll read it.  Yeah, I’ll read it.  I promise.
Student (3):  I’ll try and throw it in….
AG:  If you can type it I can read it in two minutes.  It’ll take me ten this way.
Student(3):  What … okay, when do you want these things?
AG:  Well, that’s by Friday.
Student(3):  Okay, well, because I’m not going to be here on Friday.
AG:  Wednesday?  What’s today?  Wednesday.
Student (3):  It’s written.  I just have to type it.  But….
AG:  Well, just give it to me.  Put it in my (mail) box any day.
Student(3):  Where’s your box?
AG:  When are you leaving?
Student (3):  Tomorrow.  I can get it typed tonight.
AG:  Get it tonight, mail it in if you want, or put it in my box at 1111 (Pearl Street)….
Student (3):  I’m coming back on Sunday.
AG:  Oh, okay, put it my box tonight or Sunday.
Student (3):  Where’s your box?
AG:  Naropa Institute. (now Naropa University)  I have a little box there.  Mail box.
Student (3):  Oh.
AG:  You know the place?  You know, a little mail slot there. You know those mail slots?
Student(3):  You mean I can do that on Sunday?
Student:  There’s a mailroom in the office.  If you go in the office and give it to Diana (sic) or someone.
Student (3):  On Sunday?  Or tomorrow?
AG:  Tomorrow.  Before Friday.  Before Saturday.
Student (3):  Okay.
AG:  Or, you’re going away tomorrow?
Student ((3):  I’m going away, but I’m coming back on Sunday.
AG:  Okay, so any time.
Student (3) :  Okay.  But you want it….

AG: It’ll be our last class….

(this class and the recording of it end here)

Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately one hundred and one and three quarter minutes in and concluding at the end of the tape

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