David Amram at 91

Lowell (Massachusetts) Mayor, John Leahy (right) presents the Key to the City to musician-performer, David Amram (left), October 8, 2021, (on the occasion of this year’s annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival)

Indefatigable – David Amram, turns 91 today

For our last year’s David Amram birthday posting – see here 

Today the city of Newport, Rhode Island, will be celebrating with concerts of Amram’s chamber music, jazz and folk compositions, along with a screening of The Final Ingredient, his opera about the Holocaust.

On Friday and Saturday, in Tarrytown, New York,  it’s Mark Morganelli‘s Jazz Forum‘s annual Amram Jam Birthday Bash.  Amram’s quintet and special guests will be performing.

Amram’s been keeping busy these past months (most recently shepherding a walking tour of Greenwich Village – artist emeritus of the Village Trip Festival –  see here)   

and giving concerts and performances (as well as over-seeing movie-screenings) in Germany – “When I was in Frankfurt, I had a guy step up to me in a crowd and whisper in his German accent, ‘I feel like I found an American brother in the books of Jack Kerouac“, he recalls.  “This cat was just so blown away by Jack’s humanity, and he rattled off to me all the Kerouac books he’s read..”

David Amram on Jack Kerouac – here

And here’s a little of his (it’s his phrase) “senior bopper senile wisdom’ –  Positive re-inforcement, generosity and encouragement.  Always remember:

David Amram, September 2021, at the Village Trip Festival

“Every generation.. if you feel creative, express it.. Express it and don’t let anybody’s criticism bother you. Find others who appreciate you.. We’re all born creative until we’re talked out of it. … Just keep on truckin’.  Do better than what was expected – And, most of all, have more fun!”

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