A Gelek Rimpoche Birthday Celebration

The birthday today of Allen’s great spiritual teacher, Gelek Rimpoche

For the occasion, there will be a special screening of The American Rimpoche – A Tibetan Lama in the 21st Century 

“”The American Rimpoche – A Tibetan Lama in the 21st Century” is a film featuring Gelek Rimpoche, a renowned Lama born in the legendary Shangri-la of old Tibet, who lived an extraordinary life spanning continents, customs, and cultures. Framed by archival photos of old Tibet taken by Rimpoche’s father in the 1930s and ’40s, the film traverses the link between one man’s job as a modern spiritual teacher and the impact of Tibet’s myths and practices on Americans seeking direction in an increasingly complex world.”

The music for the film was composed by Philip Glass.

The film was produced by Nikki Appino


Just time to mention again, the stunning photography exhibition, “Transforming Minds Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche And Friends”, co-produced by Jewel Heart and The Allen Ginsberg Estate and Tibet House, still up (the exhibition closes December 12)

Information about the exhibit and about purchasing prints – here

Gelek Rimpoche’ would’ve celebrated his 82nd birthday today

Philip Glass, Gelek Rimpoche and Allen Ginsberg, Waterloo State Park, Michigan, July 30, 1990 – “The Ven. Gelek Rimpoche, Tibetan meditation teacher and his friend composer Philip Glass resting with Dharma Gossip after lunch on the lawn outside dining hall-shrine room of Waterloo State Park in Midst of week-long “Jewel Heart” Buddhist Practice-Retreat near Ann Arbor, Michigan July 30, 1991” (Ginsberg caption)

Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, Gelek Rimpoche &  Robert A. F. Thurman, Jewel Heart Summer Retreat, Yankee Springs, Michigan, August 28, 1993

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