Edgar Allan Poe – Rock Star

Edgar Allan Poe – painting by Gregory Corso

It’s the anniversary of the death of Edgar Allan Poe today.  

For a fairly definitive note on the Ginsberg-Poe connection – see here 

and here’s “Poe In Dust”, Allen’s poem on visiting Poe’s grave-site in Baltimore

and don’t forget Hal Willner‘s compilation Closed On Account of Rabies – (Hal’s posthumous Velvet Underground tribute album was released, incidentally, a couple of weeks back) – Here‘s Iggy Pop reading “The Tell-Tale Heart”

and speaking of The Velvet Underground…

Read here (in the Smithsonian Magazine) about “The (Still) Mysterious Death of Edgar Allen Poe” 

and more on Poe’s death and the strange, still unresolved, circumstances – here  

Edgar Allan Poe, 1848 – daguerreotype by William Hartshorn – courtesy Brown University Library

“Quoth the Raven “Nevermore””

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