Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 533

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm in Woodstock, upstate New York,  at Shiv Mirabito‘s  Shivastan Poetry Ashram Bookshop  – a triple-headed reading – a “Friends of Ginsberg Reading”Andy Clausen, Jacob Rabinowitz and Bob Rosenthal (all of whom have written personal and illuminating memoirs of their time with Allen)


Jack KerouacSimon Warner‘s extended essay on Kerouac and contemporary music –“Still Rockin’ in the Beat World – How Kerouac’s Cool Continues to Fuel Popular-Music Passions as the Writer’s Centenary Nears”  appears in the current issue of Perfect Sound Forever – (Warner is also, of course, the editor of the invaluable Kerouac on Record –  Check out too his on-going Substack, the always-intriguing, Rock and the Beat Generation, where the above-named article has also been re-printed)

Diane di Prima‘s two new (posthumous) books – her Spring and Autumn Annals and a brand new revised edition of the classic Revolutionary Letters (both from City Lights) are reviewed this week in Beatdom by our friend, Marc Olmsted
See also Nicole Gluckstern‘s review for KQED here    (and Paul Wilner for Nob Hill Gazette here)


 Poet Alejandro Murguia at the Jack Hirschman celebration last Saturday in San Francisco, photo – Jeanne Marie Hallacy

The Jack Hirschman memorial in San Francisco (mentioned here last week)
Here are some images and notes from that day, on what turned out to be (of course) a moving and joyous occasion


The proposed Tuli Kupferberg documentary that we mentioned here early in the year has begun fund-raising (a very worthy cause) and has initiated a Kickstarter campaign – “Tuli! Tuli! Tuli! – 1001 ways to be joyful revolted”  – we look forward to the completion of this work – right now,  very much a work-in-progress.


This photo came up for auction at Sotheby’s this week – Neal Cassady “Cowboy Neal Flexing”  (alongside one of Herb Greene’s classic photos) and all manner of Grateful Dead stuff – From The Vault. Property of The Grateful Dead and Friends) – starting price (surely it will fetch more?) – between $500 and $700

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