Ginsberg on Blake continues – 63

William Blake – The Lord Answering Job out of the Whirlwind (from his illustrations to The Book of Job)

Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s The Four Zoas  continues from here

AG:  Well, now, what would Blake say about that [God speaking to Job from the whirlwind]?  Blake would say that the God that spoke out of the whirlwind and intimidated Job by saying, “Where were you when I created this…?”

Student:  That’s Job’s projection.  And (in) his illustrations to the Book of Job,  that’s exactly what he shows.
AG:  Ah.
Student:  He shows that the process is that the God looks exactly like Job.
AG:  Right.
Student:  And as Job is terrified by monsters, pressed from beneath by…
AG:  Um-hmm.
Student:  … like his emotions …
AG:  Yeah.
Student:  … and he’s pressed from on top by his God.
AG:  Yeah.
Student:  And it’s only when he is willing to realize that fact and separate it out that he….

tape ends here – and then  continues 

AG:  … that God is a shadow of Job’s weary intellect, in a sense.
Student:  Right, right.
AG:  That God is a projection of Job’s own self and that he’s having an hallucination in which he himself is putting himself down and terrifying himself by saying “This power is not yours. You didn’t create the universe. You didn’t create the Leviathan. But Blake’s contention here is that the external world, including Levithan and the mountains, are a projection of our own….
Student:  Mind.
AG:  … senses.  Mind.
Student:  So that in Blake’s illustrations to the Book of Job  I think he goes through that kind of nightmare or something… He comes sane in the end.

AG:  I’ve had similar experiences on L.S.D.  for years when I had the vision of an all-encompassing, all-devouring central being, and then abased myself before it and got terrified and got on a really bum trip and freaked out, thinking that it was something outside of myself.  Or identifying it actually with the God of Job talking out of the whirlwind.  Then it took me years to be willing to contest that version, because I was afraid (that) maybe if I did some trouble with that version I’d really get wiped out.  It might be… what if it was true?  Then you better not, you better obey, see?.  Or you better … fear and trembling. That’s the reason I’ve been coming on non-theistic all this …term, because of that experience of having been intimidated by what appears to me now, by hindsight, to have been my own projection.

to be continued 

Audio for the above can be heard here,  beginning at approximately sixty-one-and-a-half minutes in and concluding at approximately sixty-four-and-three-quarter minutes in

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