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Ed Sanders, Boulder, Colorado, July 9, 1993 – photo courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Happy Birthday Ed Sanders, 82 years old today

Here’s some previous Ed Sanders birthday celebrations on The Allen Ginsberg Project – here, herehere,  here,  here, and here

Here‘s a wonderful piece on Ed’s archives (in our archives) from a few years back

Plenty of Ed Sanders on The Allen Ginsberg Project.

From 2020 – here’s Jonah Raskin writing on Ed Sanders for Counterpunch 

& see  M.L.Liebler’s essay, “A Terrible Beauty Is Born – Edward Sanders, the Techniques of Investigative Writing, and 1968”  (for Book Beat)

From 2021, here’s Raymond Foye’s illuminating profile and interview (in Gagosian Quarterly

Some recent activity.  Glyphs and American historiography


Meads Mountain Press. earlier this year published Alf Evers, Life of an American Genius    –

Evers, author of Woodstock: History of an American Town, The Catskills: From Wilderness to Woodstock, and other works, has been recognized (amongst the cognoscenti) as one of America’s prominent regional historians. Ed worked closely with him during the latter part of his life.
He speaks at length here on him and his work  in this Zoom presentation (held in Woodstock back in February). He is introduced by Woodstock Historical Society President, Janine Fallon-Mower and interviewed by Woodstock Town Historian, Richard Heppner


Further Meads Mountain Press titles.  Back in 2018, there was this

“Chronicling the poet Charles Olson‘s (1910–1970) life in text and glyphs, Sanders presented a version of this book’s contents at the 8th Annual Charles Olson Memorial Lecture in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in Nov. 2018 (view lecture here).”


“A sequence of 84 glyphs by Ed Sanders plus a glyphic version of the 1976 City Lights edition of the work, Investigative Poetry. This text was Sanders’ ars poetica, and states that “poetry should again assume responsibility for the description of history.”

Similarly, limited editions and out-of-print for the moment (though all titles may be purchased from Granary Books) – Peace Eye – A History in Glyphs and  Harry Smith – Bardic Glyph Book

Granary Books are, of course, the publishers of the 2014 volume  A Book of Glyphs

and The Ed Sanders Archive

For more on Ed Sanders at Granary Books see here


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