Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 526

An early heads-up on a groundbreaking photo-show – September 21 in New York – “Transforming Minds – Kyabaje Gelek Rimpoche & Friends Photographs by Allen Ginsberg 1989-1997.  The exhibition (at New York’s Tibet House – and its first since its closure due to the exigencies of the pandemic), celebrates Rimpoche and Allen’s relationship (a profound and culturally significant relationship) through the lens of Allen’s camera.

In 1989, his close friend, Philip Glass, a student of Rimpoche, brought him to Michigan to perform a benefit concert for Rimpoche’s  Jewel Heart organizationFrom that first meeting and until his death in 1997, Rimpoche was Allen’s guru, root teacher – and friend.  And Allen, in his own way, became Rimpoche’s teacher – a consultant in matters involving the English language (tho’ Rimpoche was plenty adept with the English language) and an explicator and advisor on some of the more puzzling facts of Western culture. The two formed an indissoluble bond.

Among the Images in this show, as well as images of Gelek and Allen,  images of Philip Glass, Patti Smith, Francesco Clemente, Robert Thurman, the Dalai Lama, & more.


& 100 Thousand Poets for Change – we’re fast approaching the annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change Day – September 25th

Michael Rothenberg and Teri Carrion, 100 Thousand Poets For Change organizers,  (acknowledging the of necessity challenging circumstances), write:
“We hope you will all participate and organize again this year to signify that peace, justice and sustainability are things you and your community of poets, musicians, and artists care deeply about. We stand with you in reaffirming your commitment to this vision.
What we are suggesting for our 11th year is that local organizers hold live events only when possible, or Zoom sessions if face to face sessions are not possible. We are asking that if you choose to reconnect with your community in a live setting that your events are socially distanced and masked when necessary. The protocol will be up to organizers.
If you decide to organize an event please let me know and I will add your event to promotions at the Stanford University archives just as we have done in the past years. We will archive posters, poetry, and live recorded videos as well. Send them to us when you have documentation ready.”  100TPFC can be contacted – here


August 16, (last Monday), was, as our good friends at the Beat Museum point out, the anniversary of the opening of the legendary Howl trial (in 1957 – it continued until September 3rd of that year). In recognition of that, the museum (starting today) is having an auction. Check out their site for further details.



Beginning this week (on Simon Warner’s Rock and the Beat Generation site  – “Beat Soundtracks” – “In which prominent Beat figures, writers and critics, historians and academics, fans and followers, talk about the relationship between that literary community and music”  –  The first interview/subject – Ann Charters

Allen Ginsberg and Ann Charters

Harry Smith and Allen Ginsberg  – (what an interview that would be, if Harry were still alive!).  Mitch Myers in Magnet Magazine examines in detail the musical connection

Allen Ginsberg and Harry Smith – photo: Brian Graham

and  – old-news-updated department:

War Profit Litany  –  US Defense stock returns during the recently-concluded Afghan War –  Lockheed Martin – 1,236% return, Northrop Grumman – 1,196% return, Boeing – 975% return, General Dynamics – 625% return, Raytheon – 331% return….

Here’s Aliah Rosenthal on the recent Fall of America tribute recording, reciting Allen’s poem (written back in 1968, but losing none of its relevance – 2021, sadly still pertinent)

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