Huncke – 25 Years On

 Herbert Huncke,  William & Joan Burroughs’ farm near New Waverly, Texas, July 1947. Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Herbert Huncke (1915-1996) – 25 years since his passing! –  (hard to believe!) – Huncke, “godfather of the Beats”, the man who coined the term “Beat” – Saluting him today.

Back in 2015 on the occasion of his Centennial we featured this artfully-chosen photo-portfolio.

Here’s our birthday celebration for Huncke from earlier this year

Don’t miss this – Herbert Huncke’s workshop in 1982 at the Jack Kerouac Conference at Naropa

Allen and Huncke reading in San Francisco in 1967

American Hipster, Hilary Holliday’s biography of Huncke remains in print

Regrettably, the wonderful  Herbert Huncke Reader is currently out-of-print

Here’s another wonderful (and rare) Huncke item

Hats off to you, Herbert!

Here, sweet video from videographer Laki Vazakas (we’ve featured it before) – Herbert Huncke at the Chelsea Hotel, January 8, 1994, bopping to… Kraftwerk!

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