Ginsberg on Blake continues – 27

 “”The Daughters of Beulah beheld the Emanation..”  – William Blake – ms from The Four Zoas”

Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues from here (1979 Summer Discourse on “The Four Zoas)

AG: (reading from Blake) “His inward eyes closing from the Divine vision & all/His children wandering outside from his bosom fleeing away” – (All his children meaning all the senses, all the products of imagination, the material world wandering outside the bosom of the original man).

“The Daughters of Beulah beheld the Emanation..” – (Now, the Daughters of Beulah are going to relate to Jerusalem, the Emanation, the feminine) – “… they pitied/They wept before the Inner gates of Enitharmon‘s bosom” – (The inner gates are supposed to be, or I’ve seen one note speaking of them as the heart, the brain, and the loins.  “They wept before the Inner gates of Enitharmon’s bosom” –  because there are three gates –  Beulah has three gates, I think.  Three-fold. Beulah’s three-fold vision, three gates.  In this case, gates to what?  gates to Eden?
Student:  Or the other way.
AG:  Yeah.
Student:  (to Ulro)
AG:  Yeah, okay, so they’ll be either gates to Eden or gates to Ulro.
Student:  (Ulro..) Well, there’s an intermediate state called Generation
AG:  Yeah, uh-huh.
Student:  … which is (also) between Ulro and …
AG:  Beulah.
Student:  … Beulah, yeah.
AG:  The vegatative.
Student:  It’s a double vision ..
AG:  Yeah.
Student:  … people have for Generation.

AG:  We still have to work out what are the.. then, in four-fold vision how does four-fold vision relate to the Zoas and then how it relates to the organs of the body – Well,  heart, brain, loins.  Heart would be Luvah.  (So they would be) the Gate of Luvah, the Gate of Urizen and the Gate of … loins would be what?  Tharmas?  Yes.  Tharmas is symbolized by loins.
Student:  (tongue)
AG:  Tongue and loins.  Tharmas.  Traditionally.

“They wept before the Inner gates of Enitharmons bosom/And of her fine wrought brain & of her bowels within her loins/Three gates…” – (Okay, bosom, brain, and loins – So it’s given there, actually. It’s self-defined in those loins – The three gates are her heart, her bosom, her brain, and her bowels within in her loins) – “Three gates within Glorious & bright open into Beulah/From Enitharmons inward parts but the bright female terror/Refusd to open the bright gates she closd and barrd them fast/Lest Los should enter into Beulah thro her beautiful gates…”

Now, what would happen if Los entered into Beulah?  If Imagination entered into the unconscious?  If the Spectre of Imagination entered into the unconscious and had access to the gates of Eden again?  And also entered in through the head, the heart … well, (what would happen) if the Imagination entered through the Gates of Luvah, Urizen and Tharmas, or had some relation back – returned to some relation with Reason and Emotion and Body?

“The Emanation stood before the Gates of Enitharmon/Weeping..” – (That’s Jerusalem  –   Jerusalem stood….)  “a couch”. – [tape ends here and continues] – “(the Daughters of Beulah silent in the Porches/ Spread her) a couch unknown to Enitharmon here reposd/  Jerusalem in slumbers” – (Well, then the Daughters of Beulah guarded Jerusalem, the Emanation, from Enitharmon?

Student:  Right.

AG:  Yes.  And, “…here reposd/  Jerusalem in slumbers soft lulld into silent rest/Terrific..”

What does that mean, there?  That the unconscious, if we were translating it into modern-ese, guards, the Emanation or Spiritual Beauty of the Edenic man from Enitharmon.

Student:  I’m a little puzzled as to why Enitharmon is so resistant here, except for all that she’s been through.

AG:  Well.

Student:  She doesn’t want … she doesn’t want Los, she certainly doesn’t want to protect Jerusalem.  That is being done despite her in the space that she herself has (protected)

to be continued

Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately ninety-and-three-quarter minute in and concluding at ninety-five-and-a-half minutes in


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