Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 518

Gay Pride – In anticipation of this weekend’s upcoming Gay Pride celebrations, (pandemic and restrictions notwithstanding, the world has seen, this past month, all manner of joyous Pride celebration), a brief note on links to previous Pride postings here on the Allen Ginsberg Project:

Allen and gay pride – see here, here, here,  here, here, here, here, here, and here
See also here, here, and here 
and also here and here 
and plenty more elsewhere on this site (check out our archives).


William Carlos Williams

Allen’s always-pertinent poem of quiet advice, the dream-transmission “Written In My Dream By William Carlos Williams” was recently translated into Spanish by our friend, Argentinan poet-translator, Juan Arabia – (Escrito en Mis Sueños por William Carlos Williams”) see – here


Lee Nevels

Another friend, Dave Moore, specialist on some of the more obscure “lost” figures of the Beat Generation (see his excellent survey/report on Bill Garver) has once again been sleuthing. This time his subject is the hitherto-little-known Lee Nevels – see here


Jami Cassady Ratto and her husband Randy will be in Boulder this weekend spreading the news about her parents Neal and Carolyn Cassady. A special reading of the “Joan Anderson Letter” will take place on Sunday (June 28) at 1290 Folsom Street – (see here for more details – Jami is quoted, ” We are getting three people from Denver to read parts of the letter..It’s the first time it’s ever been read aloud, so it’s going to be quite an event”)


Carly Simon – Bet you didn’t know Allen took a picture of Carly Simon! ( see above). It was at a rally for Jerry Brown, in New York City, in Washington Square Park, back in April 1992. Carly is celebrating her 76th birthday today. Happy Birthday Carly!

&  Happy Pride Weekend everyone!

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