Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 517

Jan Kerouac in 1989 – photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

June 5th, last Saturday, marked the 25th anniversary of the passing of Jan Kerouac (1952-1996), Jack Kerouac’s daughter.  David Barnett writes about her in The Guardian, “The Beat Went On – What happened to Jan Kerouac, Jack’s Forgotten Daughter” (& see also here)

Allen Ginsberg and Jan Kerouac – in a cab on the way to the Grammys, New York, 1991. Photograph: Gerald Nicosia via The Guardian

Gerald Nicosia a long-time friend and champion of Jan, editor of Jan Kerouac – A Life In  Memoryand author of The Last Days of Jan Kerouac (both titles from Noodlebrain Press) is interviewed here  about Jan by Beat scholar, Oliver Harris 

and here’s a brief glimpse of her at the 1982 On The Road Jack Kerouac Naropa Conference, reading an excerpt from her mother Joan Haverty‘s memoir, Nobody’s Wife:

More Jan Kerouac on The Allen Ginsberg Project – here

Hot news on the Kerouac front – Holly George-Warren has been chosen to write the officially-sanctioned Kerouac biography for the Kerouac Estate (it’ll be the Kerouac Centennial next year, don’t forget!) –  Jack Kerouac – A Writers Life The book will, we are told, “examine the evolution of Jack’s writing process and style, and face head-on the difficult aspects of his story, including how his ideas about race, sexual identity, and gender changed throughout his life”.

and speaking of Jack, Kevin Ring’s Beat Scene has another (the 72nd!) of its excellent Beat Scene chapbooks – Kerouac’s Miles – Jack Kerouac and the Music of Miles Davis just out. Contact for more information.


Beat generation – Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs is a documentary, a European, French and Finnish production, written by Emilie Barbier and directed by Xavier Villetard, which premiered in Italy on NEXO+, the new streaming service, June 3rd, on the occasion of Allen’s birthday.

Buddha Died – Masood Hussain‘s video-poem on Allen’ haiku (translated into Gaelic by Gabriel Rosenstock  and into Greek by Sarah Thilykou) may be viewed here    

Ginsberg’s Karma, as we mentioned last week, is now available on You Tube


Ben Jonson, English playwright and poet was born on this day. Here‘s Allen on Ben Jonson – (and here – and here and here)

Concluding as we have done these past weeks, with a cut from Marianne Faithfull & Warren Ellis’ hommage to the Romantic poets – Percy Bysshe Shelleys “To The Moon” – “”Art thou pale for weariness/ Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth..”?

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