Ram Dass Remembered

Ram Dass – Santa Fe. New Mexico, January 1 1972 – photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Richard Alpert, Ram Dass, born April 6, 1931 – would have been ninety today. [92 in 2023]  It’s worth revisiting his illuminating discussion with Allen (from back in the ’80’s – see here and here

See also our posting on December 23, 2019, on the occasion of his passing – here

The Love Serve Remember Foundation has a considerable number of resources – articles, audio clips, books, films, podcasts & videos

Becoming Nobody“, (“Everybody’s Busy Becoming Somebody” (Ram Dass)),a film by Jaime Catto, came out in September 2019 and serves as a useful introduction and over-view of the man’s life and teachings

Ram Dass Going Home (2018), a short documentary by Derek Peck,  is currently available on Netflix. (and on-line – here)

Ram Dass Fierce Grace (2001) from Mickey Lemie is another documentary that has stood the test of time (what’s time?)

Remembering the genial kindness and wisdom of Ram Dass, today, on the occasion of his birthday.


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