Howl Record Release

Howl Reed cover

The moment we’ve been waiting some time for. It’s the official release-day today for Allen Ginsberg at Reed College – The First Recording of Howl & Other Poems, a historic and remarkable document now made readily-available, and beautifully presented to us, by Omnivore Recordings. (Omnivore Recordings are also responsible for two further Ginsberg titles/re-issues (both of them produced by our good friend Pat Thomas) – The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience and The Last Word on First Blues).

For more details on this legendary Reed College recording, lost forever and then only recently re-discovered, (we wrote it up, when it was first announced back in January) – see here

Here‘s Connor Reed  (no-relation!) writing it up for Portland Monthly
– and more notices here and here 

Here’s a sample (but go out and get the whole record –  and not only for “Howl” but for gems like this) – “The Trembling of the Veil” (later titled “Transcription of Organ Music“)

Truly, an essential item – and now, happily, (back) out in the world.

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