Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 509

William Burroughs – It’s a little while since we checked in with Reality Studiothe Burroughs site. So we missed the first few episodes of Jed Birmingham on Burroughs Collecting – “The Greatest Burroughs Collectors”.  – here, here, here and here (he’s posting weekly). We’re now up-to-speed. You should be too.

Also in Reality Studio  (and a must-read) – Edward S Robinson“Predicting A Pandemic – William Burroughs and CoVid-19”

You may remember this

Baudelaire Bicentennial – The great French poet was born 200 years ago today. Here is the commemorative stamp issued by the French post office

Here‘s a listing of some of this year’s planned celebrations

L’Orient littéraire have put out a special bicentennial issue

All manner of global celebration – take a look


Here’s “Virus du Mal(sic), Italian artist, Dario Gambarin‘s hommage – “land art” –  a portrait of Baudelaire plowed into a field!

and here’s an extraordinary first edition!


The “Howl” Reed College-reading CD – We mentioned it before but we’ll enthusiastically mention it again. Take Effect survey and briefly review it:

Howl Reed cover

“The original tape was handled by Michael Graves, who transferred, restored and mastered the audio so well, that it hardly seems dated, and the accompanying and very detailed liner notes from Dr. Pancho Savery only add to the appeal of the package… we should all be thankful that (t)his work is still available and presented with so much care.”


Poet-publisher and intrepid Beat-o-phile from up-state, Woodstock (via Nepal!), Shiv Mirabito (of Shivastan Publishing) was interviewed a week or so back in Gas Magazine
(see also his interview, from 2019, with Raymond Foye in his (Raymond’s) guest-edited edition of The Brooklyn Rail)

Shivastan Press is responsible for some beautiful hand-crafted work – magazines and books, including broadsides – like this:

and this

Andy Clausen and Pamela Twining review his (Shiv’s) recently-published Uncle Scallywag for Sensitive Skin

Memories of Allen

&, continuing our hommage and memories, remembering the great activist folk troubador  Phil Ochs, who died on this day.

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