A Joanne Kyger Celebration

Joanne Kyger and Peter Orlovsky, New York City, December 1989  – photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

March 22, 2017 – four years gone now – our dear friend and bodhisattva presence, Joanne Kyger  (that’s Peter Orlovsky in the shot, he’s been gone almost eleven years now).

Four years on and we’re pleased to announce (thanks to the extraordinary curatorial work of Sara Safdie, with invaluable technical assistance, and more, from Pat Nolan)  – “Joanne Elizabeth Kyger – A Remembrance”  

“Poetry, Art, Photos, Memories, Anecdotes, Interviews, and Essays on her Life and Work by friends, contemporaries, poets, and fellow writers” –  a quite spectacular (and spectacularly fitting) memorial gathering for the occasion.     See – here

The celebration is broken down into six sections (with the last, an “Art & Photo Gallery with links to Videos and Miscellany”) – Among the eclectic array of contributors, Ammiel Alcalay, Robert Grenier, Anselm Hollo, Alice Notley, Lewis Macadams,  Duncan McNaughton, Red Pine, Arthur Okamura, Simon Pettet, Cedar Sigo, Dale SmithEd Sanders, Anne Waldman… (this listing is, perforce, partial)  – Andrew Schelling provides an interview.

How thrilled we are to be able to celebrate dear Joanne, to spread the word – how we miss her “deep gossip”, how we miss her!

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