Friday’s Weekly Round -Up – 505 (Jack Kerouac’s Birthday)

Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) – circa 1950’s – photo Wilbur T Pippin – Courtesy the Estate of Jack Kerouac”

Jack Kerouac‘s birthday today. It’ll be Kerouac centenary next year, but this year it’s ninety-nine years on.

Here’s some of our previous Kerouac birthday postings, postings from previous years on The Allen Ginsberg Project – here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here 

Remembering Jack Kerouac – here, here, and here 
The first (1973) Jack Kerouac Conference – here and here – (and here and here)
Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac at the Naropa landmark 1982 Kerouac Conference – here,  here and here
William Burroughs on Jack Kerouac at that same conference – here
More Kerouac (from that occasion) – here and here
More Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac – here and here
David Amram on Jack Kerouac – here
Robert Creeley on Jack Kerouac – here

Clark Coolidge on Jack Kerouac – here
Ted Berrigan on Jack Kerouac – here, here and here
A Jack and Allen (Photo) Portfolio  – here 

On The Road (paperback covers)
Jack Kerouac – The Dharma Bums
Jack Kerouac – Mexico City Blues
Jack Kerouac – American Haiku
Revisiting Jack Kerouac’s Poems  – here and here

Jack Kerouac’s  Visions (Visions of Gerard)
Dr.Sax and The Great World Snake
Jack Kerouac’s Christmas Memories
Catholic Kerouac
Sam Charters on Kerouac and Jazz – here,  here, and here 
Kerouac Scat Singing
Jack Kerouac – The Northport Tapes  
UMass Kerouac Tapes and Lowell Portfolio
Jack Kerouac reading (for Lois Sorrells) –  here and here

and that’s just a sampling. For even more, check out our voluminous archives.







a copy of the first (hardback) edition of On the Road

Next Thursday, PBA Galleries present another of their Beats auctions. Among the items up for auction, a first edition of On the Road (estimated price between two and three thousand dollars) –  and  this 1995 portrait of Allen by painter Gordon Stuart (estimated at between four and six thousand dollars)

This watercolor is one of a series of portraits commissioned from Stuart as the official artist of the U.K. Year of Literature, hosted that year in Swansea.

Other items by Allen include signed books, photographs, and the legendary Avedon-cover  issue of the Evergreen Review


More Kerouac –  don’t forget the recently-published  Kerouac-Cassady “Joan Anderson Letter”  “DNA” has a personal profile of the inspirational Neal Cassady, this week, in Good Times


Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg (photo: John Chase/AP

& more Ferlinghetti – (the memories and respect keeps coming)

Kathi Wolfe – Ferlinghetti Turned Poetry Haters into Poetry Lovers

“the night / of the day you died / I was embraced by / an angel who loved / you so much she / kept you breathing / by way of her own / breathlessness” (Jack Hirschman)

The Revolutionary Poets Brigade (led in part by Jack Hirschman) will honor Lawrence Ferlinghetti,  Wednesday, March 24th at 1p.m. Pacific Time (this is a Zoom event)
“Poets from Italy, France, Belgium, Ghana, and the United States will read poems by or about Ferlinghetti, and hope that you’ll join them.”

Here’s Jack Kerouac  and Lawrence together (courtesy of the Jack Kerouac Estate)

Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti in front of Ferlinghetti house, 706 Wisconsin St, San Francisco – UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library 1959 Courtesy the Estate of Jack Kerouac

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