Neal Cassady’s Birthday

Neal Cassady at the wheel (with female companion, Ann Murphy) – Driving to Bolinas, Fall 1963 – photo(s): Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Cassady at the wheel.  Here’s Beat legend, Charlie Plymell:

“I thought for a while the famous headliner photo with Neal and Ann in front seat was mine, because Allen sat in the back behind Ann and the photo is almost in front with Neal turning completely around facing us. I know I told Allen to get the shot of headliner, or I would, but maybe he did. The car was a ’39 Pontiac and Neal was speeding and Allen was telling him to slow down especially around curves where we were thrown into each other in back seat. Neal got mad at Allen telling him to slow down because it interfered with his arguing and slapping Ann when he had his hands free. He said the brakes were out anyway and speeded up using the hand brake and gear shift on floor to gear down on the steep hills while manhandling Ann in their eternal argument about who was fucking whom and scoring pills from her Dr. connection, so he sped up on purpose.”

February 8 – Neal Cassady‘s birthday. Had he lived he would’ve been – (unimaginable!) – ninety-five today!

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Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg in conversation

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and, of course (now available)  the legendary Joan Anderson letter

Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac, photo; Carolyn Cassady

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