Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 502

Manuscript page from Scrap Leaves (1968), published in a limited edition by Diane di Prima & Alan Marlowe’s Poet’s Press, and included in the University of Delaware’s exhibition, Beat Visions and The Counterculture – see below

Zachary Weg in Our Town this week reminds us (2021) it’s”Howl“‘s 65th birthday:

“From its electric start to its galvanizing end, Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” is ever vital as it celebrates its sixty-fifth anniversary this year”, he writes. “Epic in scope yet intensely personal in effect, the four-part poem was written in a modest cottage in Berkeley, California in the mid-1950s but it has echoed across the world in the decades since. Its sky-cracking scream resounds, especially now as New York and the entire world faces the coronavirus, its near infernal vision mirroring the tragedy that has shaken the globe. Ultimately, however, “Howl” liberates and seems made for dire times like these”

Weg quotes Allen’s secretary and long-time friend, Bob Rosenthal

“He (Allen) was a true “tzadik,” (Bob uses the Hebrew term for a righteous man). “He had a laser-like vision, he could look into your inner being and talk to, what he would call your little “bodhisattva,”….’Howl’ is always called angry but, really, it uses anger. It is a prophetic text, a liberating document. It liberates you.”

Beat Visions and the Counterculture – Don’t know how we missed this one but you shouldn’t miss it!  There’s a wonderful exhibition up right now from the University of Delaware (guest-curated by Stephen Petersen) – “Drawn from the extensive holdings of Special Collections at the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, Beat Visions features rare and one-of-a-kind items ranging from handwritten notes to personal snapshots to a clipping of Allen Ginsberg’s beard!”

Allen Ginsberg beard clipping, 1964 – from the Robert A Wilson Collection

It would be wrong, so wrong, to focus on such a bizarre relic as Allen’s beard-hair!  The exhibit features an extensive array of true treasures (not that the hair isn’t one of them!). Here‘s the Ginsberg page.  Sample other pages include ones on William Burroughs, Diane Di Prima, Anne Waldman, Carolyn Cassady, Michael McClure, Ken Kesey, Ed Sanders, and much much more –

Chris Kelso‘s forthcoming book from Beatdom – Burroughs and Scotland – Dethroning The Ancients was mentioned here earlier. Don’t miss Graham Rae’s one-on-one interview with him on the always-illuminating Reality Studio

“More inscribed Ginsberg editions (see our posting – here – and more tomorrow)

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