Bob Dylan in The Fall of America Journals – 2

Following on from Monday’s post – Bob Dylan in The Fall of America Journals – here’s a poem/notation from Allen, dated June 24, 1966:

“and me I nearly got busted”
scratched Dylan from the central phonograph in candlelight, a huge wolf-dog at rest on the waving carpet,
kitty playing under the table
“To be stuck inside a mobile” – a bad universe?
the melancholy chant listened to by a room of ears
bodies lying by the dog, (smoke) in the air, the eve
of first playing Dylan’s midnight blonde
blest bodies in the kitchen playing guitar and tambourine
the split in flesh – man or woman –
rocking the room with own table rhythm,
Same night the big concert (Cow) Palace
(The) Lovin’ Spoonful vegetable phonograph
under the Stadium Lights, a grey boxvoiced megaphone hanging
hundreds of feet in the air –
a party, a celebration, the blue boy retired to a room,
Flappers returned to Shiva
O holy eve Let peace descend on all in the street by siren
and wail or lone late pave
old queen in Stockton tunnel –
Harmonica, and a painted blue-eyed fad!
goodnight – Wine?

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