A 1968 Dream (Neal Cassady)

Neal Cassady (1926-1968) – Photo: Herb Greene

One more dream from The Fall of America Journals  – (see here and here)

Neal Cassady died, February 4, 1968 at San Miguel d’Allende, Mexico, by the railroad tracks.

Allen recorded the following dream, February 20, in Appleton, Wisconsin (another dream full of self-doubt and paranoia)

“Town in Mexico – small Veracruz, or down the great circle thru Yucatan, in a hotel room (like 1403 Gough), I killed someone and not knowing what to do with the jellied meat of the body, stuffed it in the bureau & toilet and closet – The doctor there testified it was an accident tho’ I was really the culprit of anger or neglect – Several bodies stuffed in the drawers, dissected like the corpses on the RR tracks at Vrindaban I saw thru train window first passing North to Rishikesh –

Home several years later in upstairs loft, the local cops come in to ask for my papers – I don’t know what technicality they smell – They leave their names, and require that I get papers & receipts & prescriptions for the pills I have left over from Yalajon or at Salto de Agua or San Miguel de Allende – from the doctor there – I can write him or check that out & have it done, will he remember the bloody scene and still cooperate? –

I go across to the garage as on Gough Street, & an attendant there says that the Police, just thru, were all sloppy high – George Hertz was there,  they were all together turning on in the Car Rental Hertz cubicle office – I’m a little relieved that all the authorities also out of their skulls & compromised –

Woke, in Hotel room, does this refer to my yelling angry at Peter Orlovsky, or Neal’s recent corpse appearance at Allende RR tracks, and is Pres(ident) Johnson recalling his dreams, connected to his mind?”

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