Alice Notley

Alice Notley

Paris-based American poet, and long-time friend of The Allen Ginsberg Project, Alice Notley turns 75 today.  See our extensive birthday posting from back in 2014 – here

Read the lecture she gave on Allen, in 2018, the keynote speech at the Allen Ginsberg Symposium,  at the St Marks Poetry Project in New York, “Allen Ginsberg – An International Poetry, Its Genius and Its Particles” –  here, here, here and here

David Wallace’s April 20 New Yorker profile – “Alice Notley and the Art of Not Giving A Damn’ can be read here

Rachel Zucker‘s 2017 conversation from her Commonplace podcast series is highly recommended – see here

as is Alice’s conversation (2019)  with Nick Sturm for The Poetry Society – see here

Most recently, in Paris, check out Nina Zivancevic’s “spontaneous interview” from earlier this year.

Alice’s most recent book is For The Ride and Alice and Nina discuss it and other matters.

Here‘s Elisa Gabbard’s laudatory (but somewhat confused) New York Times review of the book

Here’s Patrick James Dunagan in Entropy magazine)

A  remarkably prolific (over forty books) and immensely respected, visionary, sui generis writer, check out the variety of audio recordings, recorded over the years (of both interviews and readings) on her Pennsound page

Alice Notley at Harvard – (Alice Notley and Eleni Sikelianos, Alice Notley and Karen Weiser)
Alice Notley at the University of Chicago
and from DIA – Alice Notley and Brenda Coultas
here’s more Alice Notley

Here’s two treats from the archives

Her 1998 lecture, “The Poetry of Everyday Life” presented that year at The Poetry Project

and her reading “Jack Would Speak Through The Imperfect Medium of Alice” – Jack (Jack Kerouac) from c.1981.

Happy Birthday, Alice!

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  1. A radio performance drawing text from Alice Notley’s 2015 book Certain Magical Acts will be presented by a theater company in Stockholm on Saturday, Nov. 14 at noon EST.

    The actress Chatarina Larsson is featured, music is by Sten Sandell and Peter Söderberg, and the production is directed by Johan Petri to “give shape to Notley’s deeply civilization-critical and existentially trembling poetry.”

    There is a version in English, but the performance on Saturday, November 14 is in Swedish.

    Click on the link below and then scroll down and click the box captioned “Listen Live” to connect live via YouTube.

    Go to

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