Remembering Ted Berrigan

Today, November 15th, would have been the 86th birthday of the late great “New York School” poet, Ted Berrigan (1934-1983).

For our extensive 2013 posting on him – see here

For a 7-part transcription of the lecture he gave on his own work and Jack Kerouac at Naropa in 1982 – see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Allen and Ted teaching together, editing a student’s poem – see here

Ted’s Collected Poems, from the University of California Press, appeared in 2007, his Selected, in 2011 (see Dennis Cooper‘s helpful “spotlight” on the latter – here)

2022 – **forthcoming  from City Lights, Get The Money! – Collected Prose (1961-1983)
2022 update – this book has now been published – see our posting on. and selections from. the book – here

Pat Nolan recalls an (unsuccessful) attempt from back in the ’80’s to bring Ted down – here

Scholarship and Ted’s reputation continue to be rising, not the least through extraordinary  work (including invaluable archive retrieval work) from devoted poetry scholar,  Nick Sturm

See his notes on Ted’s 1971 collaboration, Memorial Dayhere

Here’s his 2017 birthday celebration

Here’s a couple (a few) of the recent Sturm discoveries

and check out, if you haven’t, this – footage of Ted Berrigan and others, 1981 at the Poetry Project, (from a long-lost documentary that aired on Swiss tv)

Remembered with love – Berrigan exuberance – Happy Birthday in Eternity, Ted!

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