William Burroughs Conversation continues – 9 (Corso Pouting)

Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs and Gregory Corso in conversation, 1985 at Naropa, continues from here

AG: We should go back to some situation where Gregory is.

WSB: Yeah..er.. well, wait a minute, where are we..

GC: I was where you knocked me out  – on the beach when he’s lying down and Peter and Jackie have their bodies beyond compare.

AG: Were you on the beach there too?

GC: I was lying in the at the corner. Do you have the picture?

AG No, it’s up on the wall. Are you there on that photograph ?

GC: Yes, I’m lying there.

AG: I didn’t see it.

GC: I’m there.

AG: We’ll go look.

GC: Yes.

AG: What  else do you remember of that time of that picture?

GC: Well, I mean, that was the one thing you ignored me on – the rest of the shit that you guys are talking about, what you did.

AG (to GC) : We had gone back to ’57 at his (Burroughs) request

WSB: There were a number of occasions at which we were together in Tangier.

GC: Oh the things that happened in Tangier?

WSB: Yeah,  I remember the time when..

GC: A lot of things happened.

WSB: Do you remember when Mikey Portman made some majoun with kif with tobacco in it.

GC: I thought that was private between you and I?

WSB: What do you mean?  Yeah  You were.. you got really sick from that.

GC: I don’t give a fuck!

AG:  What was it?

WSB:  This kif had tobacco in it..

GC (to WSB): That’s between you and me. It’s none of their fuckin’ beeswax!  You see, I’ve tried to tell Ginsberg all his life as a poet. – truth and finkery are very close.  Watch out!

AG:  Truth and Finkery are very close.

GC: They are, yeah.

WSB: Fakery. Fakery.

GC: Finkery!

WSB Fakery

AG: Yes.

GC: Yeah, well, “I’m telling the truth – I saw that guy rob that guy there, yeah”. I’m telling the truth!  Great! They come and they kill me for ratting on the guy! – I told the truth!

to be continued.     

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately twenty-seven minutes in and continuing until twenty-eight-and-three-quarter minutes in]

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