William Burroughs Conversations continues – 2

Ginsberg, Corso, Burroughs conversation continues from here

(unredacted text – apologies in advance for Corso’s crass and boorish sexism)

AG: Harry Phipps dropped at my door a big package of cocaine in ‘50..  Was that ‘58 or ‘61…?
WSB:  No, it would be ’58.
AG: ..that we went to see Céline.
WSB: Oh that would be in ‘58, because in ’61 I was in Tangiers.
AG: Yeah – Okay – You weren’t in Paris in the early ‘60s?. 60, when we..
WSB: Well I was in and out but..
AG: Still pretty late, 58, ok.
WSB: Yeah, around in there, I think.

AG: Ok – so (Jacques Stern) (Harry Phipps?)  dropped the big package of cocaine which was the first time I’d had really good cocaine (and the last time for that matter, for any length). And I remember sitting up all night sniffing it and the next day we had a meeting with Michel Moore of the literary newspaper.

WSB: That’s right, yes.

AG: Do you remember the paper?

WSB:  Yes, I don’t remember the name of the paper but I remember the meeting. It wasn’t very fortunate. We did not represent ourselves in a very good light, I can assure you.

AG: No, I was sniffing cocaine and going to the bathroom every ten minutes to renew my supply (being the first time I’d ever had any).

WSB: Yeah, well.  Once again we struck out!

AG: No, actually, there was an intelligent interview, as I remember it.

WSB: Well it wasn’t very intelligent at all, I can tell you.

AG: Okay,  I don’t remember. My French isn’t that good anyway, But Moore was friendly enough because he gave us a letter of introduction to Céline

WSB: That’s right, that’s right.

AG: So Burroughs and I went to visit Louis Ferdinand Céline

GC:  That’s where I blew it. I had to fuck that cunt (sic!) that day. And I’m supposed to go up there. Peter goes up there, he (pointing to Burroughs) goes up there, Al  goes up there..

WSB: Peter wasn’t there.
GC: Peter?.. Peter didn’t go?
WSB: No!
AG: Peter was probably in New York by then
GC: Peter did not go see Céline?
WSB: He did not go see Céline. It was just me and Allen.

GC: My God, I’m the man that was supposed to go and I loved the man (Céline).
But Jules Dassin’s daughter wanted me the next day.  What am I gonna do? –  (If I’m a name-dropper they bounce, believe me!) – Alright I’ll fuck her, (or) I’ll go see this old bitter man up in the mountain.  I missed it. He was good.

to be continued

Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately four minutes in and concluding at approximately six-and-three-quarter minutes in

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