Ed Sanders Birthday

Ed Sanders, photographed in Allen’s kitchen, NYC, May 13, 1994,  & Allen and Ed photographed together, NYC,  January 26, 1985 – photo(s): Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Ed Sanders’ 81st birthday today. Happy Birthday Ed!  Here’s a selection of images of Ed from The Allen Ginsberg Archives.

Images of Ed Sanders – from The Allen Ginsberg Archives – 1994, 1985, 1993, 1995, and 1985 -photo(s): Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate  (c) Estate of Allen Ginsberg

Ed Sanders on The Allen Ginsberg Project:

Ed’s been featured many times here on The Allen Ginsberg Project – see, for example,  our 2013 birthday salute – here, our note on his voluminous archive – here,  his notes on Allen here and here, a 1986 Naropa reading – here, a class on “Investigative Poetry” here and here, WNET footage of the ‘Sixties Ed – here,  & more

check out Jonah Raskin’s July 10 2020 updated profile. “Edward Sanders Poetic Pacifist Up Next”

Jennifer Seaman Cook’s “Still Happening – A Conversation with Ed Sanders”  appeared in  July 2018 in the Los Angeles Review of Books
From back in 2012, but still useful – Alan Bisbort – “Peace Eye! Fug! A Long Talk With Ed Sanders”

Here’s more choice Ed Sanders:

reading from his memoir Fug You at the St Marks Bookstore , NYC 2012  

and, again, at Gloucester Writers Center

Ed  at the University of Basel, 2019

“I write every day”, Sanders tells Jonah Raskin,  (he is extraordinarily prolific), “A lot of what I write is poetry”. “Every time I finish a book I do a little dance in my driveway, walk back to my house, and immediately the word “next” enters my mind”. The little word “next”, Raskin notes, “has prompted Sanders to write poetry, fiction, biographies, histories, manifestos…” – and, most recently, “glyphs” – “While he had made doodles and drawings for most of his adult life, he didn’t start to make glyphs until he found himself in Florence, Italy in 2008″…he now has (literally) thousands of them (“too many”, by his own estimation!)

Sanders most recent book? – a life of his mentor and hero, the great poet and polymath Charles Olson

Here‘s Raskin’s review.  See footage of Ed lecturing on Olson at the Gloucester Writers Center.    Check out sample pages here 

and from 2017 (tho’ still vital and urgent) – The Fugs‘ “Exorcism of The White House

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