Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 477

Vintage footage unearthed of late of Allen in 1981 at the St Marks Poetry Project. Nick Sturm breaks it down here. Vintage footage of a whole range of New York poets, Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, Bernadette Mayer, Bob Holman.. and that quaint ’80’s ambience.

The recording, as Sturm notes, subsequently broadcast the following year, is from Swiss television’s “Schauplatz”, hosted by Peter Wehrli 

Allen appears (introduced by Bernadette Mayer) approximately eight-and-a-quarter minutes in

Watch the full video (audio in German) – here

More Ginsberg unearthed, Canadian poet Robert Hogg has been posting previously-unseen photos of Allen’s appearance, Nov 28, 1969, at Carleton University (photos by Peter W Lamb):


More Ruth Weiss remembered – Beat Generation interface – “When Weiss first landed in the city, she rented a room at 1010 Montgomery St., where Allen Ginsberg also later resided. She later moved to the Hotel Wentley on Polk Street, where Jack Kerouac would visit, and they would write back and forth to each other in haiku”

The Beat Museum web-site continues to be an essential place to visit –  This week – a brief visit into late ‘Fifties pop culture – Television Takes On The Beat Generation – Who here remembers Ed “Kookie” Byrnes, Bob Denver’s Maynard G. Krebs,  Route 66‘s”Tod Stiles and Bus Murdoch”? – Beat Kitsch

See some of our previous Beat Kitsch postings here  here and here

Hang on in there, daddy-o’s! – See y’all next week!

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  1. Nice photo, mention of Allen smiling cheering at protest Chicago 1968 by Jefferson Siegel: ‘On Tuesday night, hundreds of army troops with rifles slung over their shoulders lined the street across from the hotel. Military police jeeps sat idling with barbed wire mounted on frames on the front that would be used to disperse protesters. Machine guns threatened more serious consequences. Large crowds cheered as hotel guests flashed their room lights on and off in a show of support. The Beat poet Allen Ginsberg held up the two-fingered peace salute while standing near a sign reading “Happy Humphrey Hog-Butcher To The World”.’

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