Piero Heliczer (1937-1993)

Piero Heliczer, New York City, 1965 – photograph by John “Hoppy” Hopkins

Remembering today poet, filmmaker, underground legend, Piero Heliczer

Poet Tom Raworths definitive obituary notice (written for the London Independent may be read here

His detailed notes on Piero may be accessed here

The Invisible Father – the documentary film currently being made by his daughter Thérèse is ever-closer to completion – see more about it here here and here

Verdant Press have a valuable page on Piero – here

Piero Heliczer on Rue Mouffetard in Paris circa 1961. © by Harold Chapman

Granary Books published the essential A Purchase In The White Botanica, the Collected Poems of Piero,  (with an extensive illustrated biographical interview with Heliczer’s half-sister Marisabina Russo-Stark, conducted by Gerard Malanga, and a foreword by Anselm Hollo. (out-of-print, sadly)

Two exhibits of Piero (Heliczer miscellanea) – from 2014 Piero Heliczer and The Dead Language Press – here
– and from 2016 – The Underground Life of Piero Heliczer – here

Two films by Piero. – Autumn Feast (from 1961) –  here
– and Dirt (from 1965) – here

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