William Burroughs Conversation – 3

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso on William Burroughs continuing from here

AG: Well, no, Bill Morgan is here…

GC: Ted Morgan

AG: Ted Morgan

GC: But he wasn’t there. He don’t know shit!

AG: Ted Morgan is here, who has studied the subject. And so actually can remember and has in his head the chronology.

GC: But he doesn’t know.. he doesn’t know what went down when he (Burroughs) and I first met .

Ted Morgan: I do.

AG: Yes he does!

GC:(to Ted Morgan)  What went down when I first met Bill?

Ted Morgan: (You found drugs were legal)

GC: No way!  That’s late in life.  That’s late in life, that’s in ‘the Sixties in Tangier.

AG (to GC) : First of all, you’re too close to the mic

GC:  Eh pardon!

AG: And probably we should either have a hand mic, or perhaps Bill and Ted Morgan should come and sit up (front). We invited them before you came

GC: Alright

Ted and Bill Morgan join panel

AG (to GC) ..Offer them a chair..

GC (to Ted Morgan): Get there fucker. If you want it, take it!

AG; You might as well sit down on..   Come on, sit down on the throne. You don’t have to talk, (unless “the spirit moves you”).

GC: We’ve both got this shit..

to be continued

Audio for the above can be heard – here, beginning at approximately four-and-a-half minutes in and concluding at approximately six minutes in

Addenda:  Gilbert Sorrentino‘s less-than-enthusiastic review of Morgan’s book in the November 13, 1988  New York Times can be read here

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